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EPA68 / DHA12 refined fish oil

EPA68 / DHA12 refined fish oil

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  • Release date:2022-11-03 11:22:32
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The main component of fish oil is Omega-3, which is an unsaturated fatty acid. EE TG refer to the carrier form of Omgea-3. The full name of EE is ethyl esters, which can be translated into ethyl esters. The full name for TG was triglyceride, which translates as triglyceride. More informally, you can think of EE TG as trucks; EE has a large cargo capacity, but things are difficult to unload ( easy to absorb); TG has a small cargo capacity, the goods are easy to unload (easily absorbed by the human body).

On the market of deep sea fish oil, the point of Omega 3 carrier, mainly divided into triglycerides (triglyceride, TG) ethyl ester type (ethy | esters, EE). Triglycerides are the natural molecular form of fats found in most foods. For example, Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are carried by TG in fish. The fish oil labeled with 30% Omega-3 content in the market also uses TG as carrier. When TG fish oil is absorbed, pancreatic lipase can effectively release two free fatty acids (FFA) one glycerol one triglyceride molecule. FFA glycerol form microglia are absorbed by intestinal epithelial cells. After entering the intestinal epithelial cells, FFA glycerol-acid esters are recombined into TG, the final TG is carried into the blood by chylomicrons through the lymphatic channel. TG is therefore more readily absorbed in its natural form.

Deep sea fish oil

Most manufacturers use ethyl (E) -type structures to increase Omega-3 content reduce costs. Because EE lacks glycerol primary bond, its absorption mode is essentially increased compared with TG. In the small intestine, EE is first emulsified by bile salts hydrolyzed by pancreatic lipase, which releases fatty acids the ethanol primary bond, that is, produces FFA ethanol molecules. Similar to TG, FFA released EE is taken up by intestinal cells, it is converted into TG. EE contains ethanol instead of glycerol, which means the FFA in EE has to come somewhere else -- a molecule of glycerol. Therefore, although the content of Omega-3 in EE fish oil is higher than that in TG fish oil, its absorption rate is lower, it is unstable easy to be oxidized.

As mentioned above, TG fish oils are easy to absorb but low in Omega-3. So the really absorbable fish oil should be the TG type high in Omega-3. Is there such a fish oil? Yes, but there are few on the market the price is relatively high. WHCUnoCardior 1000 is a new type of rTG fish oil, higher purity than TG, easier to absorb than E.


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