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Jiangsu Wesikang Food Technology Development Co.,

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Company introduction

Jiangsu Viscom Food Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, located in the Hongze Lake, known as the "sunrise  gold" reputation, its predecessor was Nanjing Senhai Biological Oil Co., LTD. With a total investment of 150 million yuan  an area of 33,030.97 meters, the company has 95 employees  a strong technical research  development team, including 10 people with bachelor's degree  above. The company is committed to the research  development, production  sales of functional unsaturated fatty acids such as refined fish oil,  has become a reliable partner for domestic  foreign pharmaceutical  food enterprises.

Escom IS A VERY GOOD REFINED FISH OIL MANUFACTURER IN China,  ITS ethyl ESTER REFINED FISH OIL products are mainly sold to the United States, Canada, Europe  other countries. Based on advanced fatty acid purification  separation technology, the company has established ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP  other perfect quality management systems to ensure that the products meet the pharmacopoeia standards of the United States  other European Union countries. Company refined fish oil output ranks the forefront of the industry.

By paying attention to Ph Eur, CRN, GOED, IFOS  other regulations  policies in real time, we ensure that our omega-3 fish oil meets the national quality standards. The omega-3 fish oil produced by us is sold to the United States  Canada after passing the inspection of Eurofins in Germany  IFOS in Canada.

Sincerely look forward to your cooperation with Viscom!

Jiangsu Wesikang Food Technology Development Co.,

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The company address:27 Dongyi Road, Hongze County Economic Development Zone, Huai 'an City, Jiangsu Province


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