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EPA55 / DHA25 refined fish oil

EPA55 / DHA25 refined fish oil

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How to buy fish oil

1. The main ingredients of fish oil are EPA(vascular scavenger) DHA(brain platinum, melatonin), the ratio is 3:2

2, pay attention to the purchase of opaque packaging, the effect is antioxidant

3, vitamin E, prevent the oxidation of fish oil, keep fish oil fresh

4. If the ingredients are pure, they will float in water

5, good fish oil, EPA,DHA high content will melt the disposable white foam cup

The main ingredient of fish oil

Fish oil identification method: frozen

Principle: Unsaturated fatty acid DHA EPA freezing point is very low, low-purity fish oil water impurities content, the content of active ingredients is small, so easy to freeze. Pure fish oil punctured extrusion has the unique flavor of fish oil, no pungent odor, color is light yellow. The gloss of the appearance is good, the dull may be very poor rubber, golden yellow transparent color, if that means the quality of the fish oil is good has been oxidized. The workmanship is very good, there will be no such particle size imbalance.

There are other minor differences between TG EE:

1. If you take liquid fish oil directly, TG tastes better.

2. TG is the natural form of Omega-3.

3. TG has strong rancidity resistance.



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