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EPA70 / DHA8 Refined fish oil

EPA70 / DHA8 Refined fish oil

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  • Release date:2022-11-03 11:26:38
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First of all, the main component of fish oil is omega-3, which is an unsaturated fatty acid. EE TG refer to the carrier form of omega-3. The full name of EE is ethyl esters, which can be translated into ethyl esters. The full name for TG was triglyceride, which translates as triglyceride.

In general, many people believe that the TG form is more absorbent than the EE form, but they all ignore an important premise, which is the same purity. Therefore, it is meaningless to compare EE TG without purity. The effect of fish oil is still determined by purity, especially transesterification is necessary to achieve a high purity (above 85%, as recommended in the Guidelines for Prevention Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Chinese Adults) that is effective for the body. Therefore, most of the low-purity fish oils in the market like brands are TG type, while many foreign pharmaceutical grade fish oils are EE type.

Therefore, high purity fish oil of EE type is recommended to achieve the effect of taking fish oil.

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