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EPA46 / DHA38 refined fish oil

EPA46 / DHA38 refined fish oil

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  • Release date:2022-11-03 11:23:48
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Look at the amount of active ingredient

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, is the human body can be synthesized but indispensable important nutrients, as the human body essential fatty acids. Fish oil is a good way to supplement Omega-3. DHA EPA are the main components of fish oil, which are good for human health. The quality of fish oil also depends on the temperature of EPA DHA, so the first thing to look at is the content of fish oil. Most commercially available fish oils contain about 30% EPA DHA.

Look at fish oil ingredientsThe ingredients for the capsule are often herring, tuna, flounder, salmon, blubber, seal oil, deep-sea fish. Smaller fish at the bottom of the food chain tend to have fewer contaminants, while larger fish at the top accumulate more toxins, so a good source of fish oil is smaller fish like sardines rather than larger fish.

Look at the color of the fish oil capsule

For the look of things, go for a light yellow instead of a dark yellow. Light yellow fish oil after degreasing, higher purity, less impurities, crystal clear, yellowish color, uniform particles. The color is red, the transparency of the capsule is good.

Look at the temperature test

Good deep-sea fish oil will freeze, even at very low temperatures, quickly turn into a liquid when removed. Poor quality fish oil freezes at low temperatures, the longer it takes to turn it into liquid after removal, the worse.

The quality of fish oil

Look at the form of the fish oil

After quenching, the Ω-3 oleic acid structure of fish oil can be divided into two types: Ethyl Ester Form (EE Form) TG Form. It has been confirmed by experiment that the molecular structure of TG form after fish oil extraction is consistent with the structural formula absorbed by human body, so the TG form of fish oil is relatively easy to absorb. In the long run, though, EE TG fish oils are similar! But it is recommended to TG form is better!

Fish oil is divided into ethyl acetate type triglyceride type, the specific differences are as follows:

Triglycerides (TG Form)

Long shelf life, generally 1.5-2 years, easy to be oxidized /3, easy to absorb by the human body


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