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Fish oil capsules

Fish oil capsules

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People pay most attention to how to choose deep-sea fish oil capsules, there are these methods.

Method 1: Look at the packaging

True fish oil is protected light because the high degree of inadequacy of its molecular structure makes it particularly susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation comes high temperatures, light exposure, prolonged exposure to air. Why does it exist in the deep sea? The water temperature of the deep sea is very low, there is no sunlight, it is a dark world. Deep sea fish live in cold temperatures avoid light.

Method 2: Look at the originIn f

act, the quality of fish oil is directly related to the production area, but the natural environment of the production area directly affects the quality. Here I only say foreign, because domestic environmental pollution is so serious, nothing good can come out. In ADDITION, THE standard OF REFINED fish oil imported abroad is usually higher, the price of domestic fish oil is generally lower, the content is produced according to the general standard. Since it is for health, it is better to choose foreign health care products.

Fish oil capsules

Method three: Look at the content

Deep-sea fish oil works because of its active ingredients, DHA EPA. Generally speaking, the basic requirement of fish oil capsule is DHA content 18%EPA content 12%, this kind of fish oil is generally the lowest grade, only higher than gross oil. Higher grade fish oils can contain 50 percent more of both, up to 90 percent more of the high purity products already classified as drugs.

Method 4: Look at the price

The price of good quality fish oil is also one of the keys. Why do you say that? Because deep-sea fish is a valuable resource, it is chemically produced, so the fish oil, which is very cheap, is definitely deep-sea fish oil. For example, the packaging is transparent, claiming to be the original import the United States, the price is only a few tens of dollars a bottle, a little bit of foreign trade knowledge people know this price, even freight customs duties are enough, how can it be really imported products. However, those often priced thousands of health food are usually unreliable, we must be fooled.


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