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Do you know anything about refined fish oil

2020-08-11 09:10:20

There is a long history of scientific research on the nutritional composition endocrine system of fish oil unsaturated fatty acids. Oil can provide essential fatty acids for animals, participate in promote the basic metabolism of animals the digestion absorption of fat-soluble vitamins melanin.

Production technology: deacidification, dedrying, fading other processing technology specially made into commodity color: light yellow, response, with fish oil unique slightly fishy smell, no sour odor of the liquid. With fresh fish as raw materials, through steaming, extraction, separation made of light yellow reddish brown color, response slightly cloudy layer, milky.

Health function of fish oil

Fresh excellent fish oil as raw material product packaging: disposable brown aluminum oil drum 190 kg/barrel oil is one of the three essential nutrients for animals, but the health care function of fish oil is only this, fish oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, with cardiovascular disease prevention, anti-inflammation anti-allergy other physiological functions.

In the process of refining health grade fish oil, some glycerol raw materials that are widely used in industry, medicine daily life can be produced. Fish oil has a unique fishy taste, which can improve the palatability of feed induce animals to eat, can reduce the amount of fishing powder appropriately. At the same time, the unsaturated fatty acid of fish oil improves the drying ability film forming property after thermal condensation, can be used as raw material for coating (paint). We reviewed the extraction refining process of fish oil in China, hoping to provide reference for the research of fish oil.


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