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Can analysis deep-sea fish oil eat for a long time?

2022-04-08 14:10:47

Deep-sea fish oil is generally eaten for long periods of time. Moderate consumption of deep-sea fish oil can strengthen the brain, but also can clear the blood vessel wall of cholesterol plaque, but if you eat for a long time a large amount of eating, it is good for your health, so do eat deep-sea fish oil for a long time.

Deep sea fish oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which only protect blood vessels reduce triglyceride levels, but also promote brain cell development. Many people learn about the benefits of deep-sea fish oil, so they want to eat it for a long time. So is deep-sea fish oil safe to eat long-term? The following fish oil manufacturers for you to explain it!

1. Can deep-sea fish oil be eaten for a long time?

Deep sea fish oil has the effect of brain, but also can clear the blood vessel wall cholesterol sclerosis plaque, the right amount of eating can protect cardiovascular cerebrovascular health. But deep sea fish oil is suitable for long-term eating, if long-term eating taking a large amount of, often lead to excessive caloric intake in the body, but also easy to affect the intake of other kinds of fat, even lead to high cholesterol, is extremely adverse to health.

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Two, long-term eating deep sea fish oil harm.

1. Increased risk of bleeding

Moderate consumption of deep-sea fish oil is good for health, but long-term consumption may lead to excessive intake of deep-sea fish oil, which is easy to appear blood clotting phenomenon, thus increasing the risk of bleeding.

2. It causes bad breath nausea

Long-term consumption of deep-sea fish oil may affect the function of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in symptoms of nausea bad breath. Sometimes there will be diarrhea, often loose stool, which will cause great harm to the health of the intestine.

3. It leads to obesity

Eating a moderate amount of deep-sea fish oil is helpful to cardiovascular cerebrovascular health, but if you eat a large amount of food for a long time, the body will consume too many calories, which is easy to lead to obesity. In addition to affecting the appearance of obesity, it is also easy to appear the phenomenon of high cholesterol.


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