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Manufacturers teach you how to distinguish fish oil purity!

2022-05-27 18:19:08

At present, there are many brands of deep-sea fish oil on the market, but the quality is different. Consumers must be careful when buying fish oil. Fish oil manufacturers tell you, how to identify the purity of fish oil, mainly focus on the following two points:

1, packaging distinction method: really high purity of good fish oil packaging are excellent sealing. Because the rich polyunsaturated fatty acids in deep-sea fish oil are highly oxidized unstable, contact with light, air, moisture dust should be avoided as much as possible. High-dose transparent bottles of fish oil look beautiful, but their packaging sealing is good, nor does it shade the light, which will have a great impact on the quality of fish oil. High quality high purity fish oil packaging should be sealed, independent packaging, can avoid the influence of light, dust, but also to avoid repeated open repeated contact with air, moisture.

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2, fish oil color discrimination method: the higher the purity of the fish oil, the more transparent, the lighter the color. Of course, because the rubber itself also has color, in the discrimination, we can compare the color of the fish oil extruded after puncturing the rubber. The lighter the color, the higher the purity. the look of things, go for a light yellow rather than a dark yellow. Light yellow fish oil after more steps of purification, high content of active ingredients, containing less impurities, crystal clear, yellowish color. In contrast, the color is red, the transparency is good has been cloudy, there are impurities in the capsule quality is poor.


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