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What are the reasons that affect the price difference of fish oil?

2022-10-18 18:54:50

At present, the price of fish oil on the market ranges tens to hundreds of yuan per box/bottle. There are several reasons for such a large price difference:

First, the height of fish oil purity, purity here refers to the actual content of omega-3 in a single fish oil capsule ÷ the actual filling amount of single fish oil. Purity directly determines the quality effectiveness of fish oil.

Second, the proportion of fish oil formula targeted difference. Here is a popular science, fish oil products are currently divided into:

1. Two-component fish oil is pure fish oil capsules containing epa dha.

2. Single component fish oil, namely epa dha, accounts for the vast majority. For example, high purity epa fish oil, is epa majority, dha content is very low.

These two kinds of pure fish oil, generally should have a regular batch test report.

3. Compound formula fish oil is based on a certain purity of fish oil with auxiliary ingredients added. For example, add red yeast rice extract, lutein, resveratrol, etc., according to the addition of auxiliary ingredients, the product effectiveness will be different. This is pure fish oil, because there are so many ingredients, even if the test, often cannot accurately detect the purity of the fish oil in the capsule. Can only look at the fish oil manufacturers conscience. It is understood that some brands of compound formula fish oil, the purity of fish oil is 60%, even lower, there are conscience, with 90% purity of fish oil to do the base.

That is to say, functional differences can lead to price differences. This is because the cost of raw materials is different.

fish oil prices

Third, brands need high prices. Is that some brands sellers, successfully shaped their brand image, the price can be reduced, but face is there, is to stand out the crowd. But its product itself compared with similar, in fact, there is no advantage.

Four, the use of consumer knowledge blind area, play a poor information. A few years ago, some Internet red fish oil brands, when everyone's knowledge of fish oil is comprehensive, through a variety of publicity, advertising, successfully make a profit. But as the market becomes more competitive consumers become more aware, this will slowly disappear.

The above is the fish oil manufacturers for you to explain the relevant reasons, I hope to help you!


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