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For you to introduce the quality of fish oil determinants!

2022-09-28 16:49:36

Fish oil capsules are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which lower cholesterol reduce blood viscosity. Because people generally believe that the bigger problem of cardiovascular cerebrovascular diseases is to reduce blood cholesterol blood viscosity, cholesterol is regarded as the "chief culprit" "culprit" of cardiovascular cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, theoretically speaking, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are essential fatty acids, promote the growth development of children. It is the main fatty acids to balance the ω-6 series fatty acids, has positive significance for the prevention of a variety of diseases. Therefore, people naturally regard fish oil as a good product to prevent cardiovascular cerebrovascular diseases. Next, fish oil manufacturers for you to introduce the quality of fish oil decisive factors have the following points!

1. The origin, raw materials: good fish should be in the department of salmon, salmon for salmon is a kind of life in high latitudes of cold water fish, are mainly distributed in Canada, Norway, Japan Russia, the countries in Canada Norway has a better water quality environment, salmon here pollutants including mercury levels in the body is much lower than other species;

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2. Purity: The purity refers to the content of OMEGA-3 in fish oil. The purity of raw materials of fish oil is about 18%-33%. The purity of most products on the market, even some foreign products, is only 20%-40%, only fish oil with a purity greater than 60% is qualified as high purity fish oil.

3. Packaging method: If the refined fish oil receives strong light, it will accelerate its oxidation, so the outer packaging can block light, if it is transparent plastic, it should be as dark as possible.


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