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Do you know what other uses fish oil has when its expired?

2022-06-10 12:59:56

Many people will choose to throw away their fish oil capsules as soon as they have expired. In fact, fish oil products themselves are good things. Even if they are expired, reasonable use can turn waste into treasure. So what exactly is expired fish oil used for? The following fish oil manufacturers tell you that fish oil expired 11 uses!

First, when hand cream

The active ingredient in expired fish oil can be used as a hand cream. The ingredient in it can help prevent skin cracking improve the condition of the skin. However, it does smell very good, so some people may be a little annoyed.

Two, when skin care milk use

You can put expired fish oil into petroleum jelly, stir it well, then apply it wherever you feel dry, which can ensure better skin care results. If you are satisfied with your skin condition, you can try to use this method to improve the abnormal condition (click for more details).

Third, soak the foot

When soaking feet, you can put expired fish oil into it, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the feet, also help users achieve good health effects. Therefore, friends who need fish oil can be added appropriately to meet their needs of soaking feet in foot washing water.

Four, when the fertilizer use

It has rich nutritional value in fish oil, so if the fish oil is expired, it can be used as fertilizer for flowers, so that the growth of flowers can be better. People who have such needs can also try to use it to water flowers.

Five, as a body oil

After the expired fish oil can be diluted, it can be used as body massage oil. However, when diluted, remember to dilute according to the proportion, so as to ensure that the effect of regulating the skin can be better after the use of fish oil.

Six, as a mask material

After diluting the fish oil, mix it with pearl powder facial mask powder to make a facial mask to apply to your face, which can make your facial skin whiter more tender. Therefore, if you have expired fish oil in your home, you can try to use it in this way.

fish oil products

7. Use it as soap

You can buy some raw materials needed to make soap the Internet, then add some fish oil in the process of making soap, which can only ensure good skin cleaning effect, but also help users to nourish the skin.

Eight, when the lip oil use

When you sleep at night, you can use fish oil to apply to your mouth, so that your mouth will become particularly tender after getting up the next day, so if you feel your lips skin is dry feel your lips skin is tender enough, you can use it to meet your needs.

Nine, when lubricating oil

The composition in the fish oil has a very good lubrication effect, so it is found that expired fish oil can also be used as lubricating oil. Therefore, if there are rusty machinery equipment in the home that need lubrication, you can use fish oil to apply in the relevant parts to meet the demand.

10. As shoe polish

If you feel that your leather shoes are bright enough, then, you might as well try to use expired fish oil on the leather shoes, the active ingredients in the fish oil can help to achieve the effect of nourishing the cortex, naturally can make the leather shoes look very bright.

11. Apply eyelashes

Apply expired fish oil to the top of your lashes to help them grow. However, be careful to use cotton swabs to apply to the base of your lashes, rather than getting it in your eyes.

The above is the 11 uses of expired fish oil. If you want your expired fish oil to be used reasonably, you might as well try to see which one of the above methods is suitable for you, choose the right method to correctly use expired fish oil.


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