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Do you know how deep-sea fish oil is preserved?

2022-06-01 15:43:37

The benefits of deep-sea fish oil for human body are very many, fish oil can achieve a quite good regulation of blood lipids, protect the function of the heart. Meanwhile, the rich vascular scavs in deep-sea fish oil can also reduce the formation of fat, reduce the risk of obesity, the rich DHA effectively promotes the development of brain cells enhances memory. But many friends, for the deep sea fish oil preservation method is very understand, the following fish oil manufacturers will introduce it for you!

1. Store in refrigerator

In order to extend the life of deep sea fish oil the nutritional effect of deep sea fish oil, you can put deep sea fish oil in the refrigerator for cold storage. The low temperature environment can resist the growth of bacteria, effectively extending the life of deep-sea fish oil. At the same time can also achieve a quite good preservation effect, can make the human body fully absorb the nutrients in the deep sea fish oil.

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2. Store in seal

Deep sea fish oil as far as possible to choose sealed preservation method, once the mouth is eaten as far as possible in a short period of time to eat. At the same time, it is also necessary to place the deep sea fish oil in a place away the light to preserve it. Do be directly irradiated by the sun. High temperature may also lead to the deterioration of the deep sea fish oil.

3. Add antioxidants

Fish oil is very easy to oxidize, so you must consider this property when preserving fish oil. You can add some antioxidant ingredients to fish oil, which can effectively achieve a good antioxidant effect extend the shelf life of fish oil.

We must pay great attention to the preservation of fish oil methods introduced above. Only by mastering scientific reasonable preservation methods can the edible life of fish oil be extended to a greater extent. Elderly friends to eat more fish oil can achieve a good health effect, can greatly reduce the odds of their own cardiovascular cerebrovascular diseases.


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